White Crane Karate School - World Shoseikan Karate-Do

                                (5-10 YEARS OLD)

BARNET              Church House, 2 Wood St, Barnet EN5 4BW
                               Wednesdays      4.30pm-5.20pm or 5.30pm-6.20pm
                                Saturdays         1.30pm-2.20pm     

MILL HILL       Hartley Hall, 2 Flower Lane,  NW7 2JA
                               Mondays            5pm-5.50pm          
                                   Saturdays          10am-10.50am        
FINCHLEY          Frith Manor School, Lullington Garth N12 7BN
                               Tuesdays            5pm-5.50pm
                                   Thursdays         5pm-5.50pm       

Karate Schools throughout the world are noted for teaching children things that are not necessarily taught in normal school time. Things like MANNERS, RESPECT, SELF-DISCIPLINE, KEEPING YOUR WORD and HOW TO AVOID CONFLICT WITH OTHERS. Of course, we also teach fighting techniques that can help children defend themselves in case of attack, although we always emphasize students should walk away from violence if possible. CONFIDENCE comes from knowing that you can take care of yourself. 

What happens during the class ? 
A normal class consists of children going through a set of stretching, strengthening and co-ordination exercises, followed by learning the punching, blocking and kicking techniques of the Goju-Ryu system. This is followed by kick bag practice, sparring/self defence drills, games or a story/lecture on Martial Arts Philosophy. We normally finish with a short period of meditation. Beginners are called White Belts and are training to become future Black Belts.